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Tasting of Caviar and Smoked Sturgeon

Tasting of Caviar and Smoked Sturgeon


Michael Passmore knows a lot about caviar. His “Tasting of Caviar and Smoked Sturgeon” online class is the perfect holiday and learning activity with loved ones and close pod circles.  Michael will be sending a fillet of his Smoked Sturgeon from the ranch, plus 1 oz of Passmore Select Caviar and 1 oz of Truffle Roe.

He’ll be tasting alongside you, answering questions (What is the best temperature to eat caviar? Must I eat it only with a mother-of-pearl spoon? There are so many different types of caviar–which one should I get?) and share his favorite ways of enjoying caviar. Hint, Pringle chips and beer are involved. The virtual tasting will be held on Tues 12/29 @ 6PM. After purchase you will receive an email with a link to sign up, and you will receive a link to join the Zoom call on December 28th.

Shipping is included. 5% of proceeds will benefit the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

Tasting of Caviar & Smoked Sturgeon


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