Thank you for joining PASSMORE Caviar and Outstanding in the Field last week. PASSMORE and Outstanding in the Field believe that every table tells a story of place, inspires extraordinary moments, sparks conversations, and deepens connections. PASSMORE is grateful to have collaborated on this special event with Chef Telmo to bring our best to the table.

To commemorate our experience together at Outstanding in the Field, we are offering guests an exclusive opportunity to enjoy our highly-allocated caviar delivered to your home.

Please use code OUTSTANDING to enjoy 15% savings on your order. Offer expires July 8th, 2022.



A small pearl with a charcoal grey and deep green color. This earthy and briny caviar has a darker flavor profile with a lingering minerality. Soft and delicate pearls pop with flavors of chocolate, beets, and grapefruit. It is delicious on its own or incorporate into a butter or cream sauce on your favorite pasta, fish, or vegetable dish.

Sustainably Farmed + Responsibly Made

Hand-packed to order in Sloughhouse, California