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Hi, I’m Michael Passmore, founder and proprietor of Passmore Ranch.  I’ve spent the past 15 years perfecting the art of caviar, from the fish to your spoon. It starts with the healthiest and most vibrant fish in sparkling waters to produce exceptional roe, for harvest at the exact moment of maximum maturity. Then, the natural flavors are evaluated to determine how we will cure the roe, to bring the most out of it.  Because each batch is selected and produced by hand, it takes a shokunin, a term borrowed from Japanese heritage that is defined literally as “artisan” or “craftsman”. However, literal terms do not fully explain the meaning. The essential element of the shokunin is the spirit to make something for the joy of making it, and to do it carefully, beautifully, and to your utmost best of your ability, continuing to grow in expertise.  For me, it is the spirit of the shokunin that allows me to bring you a level of caviar that provides an exceptional experience.


In the very same way I’ve built relationships with some of the finest Professional Chefs in the world, Caviar Club is built on the very same foundation, only with you, the Home Chef.  Right now, I am offering memberships, on an invitation only basis, to be sure that we serve you best, and to preserve our existing Professional Chef’s allocations.


If you are interested in tapping into my Caviar Vault, and establishing your very own allocation, please introduce yourself and let me know what you love most about caviar. Or, if you do not know anything at all, that’s OK too, I love to help folks grow in their caviar journey.  I’ll be hand picking a few people to receive a monthly shipment of my most exceptional caviar, the caviar I am eating and serving to my Professional Chefs, and that I am most excited about.


Imagine reaching new heights of entertaining when introducing your friends, family, or business associates to Passmore Caviar. I can tell you that it is all eyes on you, when you serve my caviar.


As a member of the Caviar Club family, I’ll send you an amazing variety of hand picked caviar each month, along with my tasting notes and the “why” behind my choices, to explore how diverse and unique each type of caviar is. Membership also includes:


– Access to some of the most exclusive events in the country with myself, and my Professional Chef friends – both at Passmore Ranch and all over the country.
– Access to and preferred pricing on all supplemental caviar purchases (Passmore Caviar is not available to the general public, only to members of Caviar Club and Professional Chefs).
– Complimentary Shipping
– Caviar Concierge Service
– Monthly recipes from our Professional Chefs
– Preferred pricing and access to my favorite caviar accoutrements
– The occasional treat from my Test Kitchen at the ranch


Come join me, and my Professional Chefs in enjoying Passmore Caviar, only in your own home!  Me and my team here at the ranch are looking forward to serving you.


CLICK HERE to join our membership program and have our delicious caviar delivered directly to you!


Cheers & Caviar!

Michael Passmore

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