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Wagyu & Caviar by Chef Marc Zimmerman & A-Five Meats

Chef Marc Zimmerman of Ittoryu GOZU and Michael Passmore have collaborated with A-Five Meats to provide an exclusive and unique pairing of caviar and A5 wagyu. For a very limited time, we are offering just 25 of these pairings.

Includes: 50g tin of our Ranch Reserve Sturgeon Caviar and a 16oz Sanuki Olive Fed A5 Wagyu Ribeye from the Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. Delivered chilled, never frozen. (Products shipped separately.)


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“After over a century of wagyu production, Masaki Ishii embarked on an innovative and ecological mission to simultaneously use remaining olive pressings while producing a new delicate expression of wagyu that has never been experienced prior – truly an amazing feat.”

Marc Zimmerman

Chef Ambassador, A-Five Meat Company + Co-Owner & Executive Chef, Ittoryu GOZU

What does this caviar taste like?

Tasting notes

Sanuki Olive fed Wagyu: Intensely and finely marbled, has a complex and delicate flavor. Unsaturated fats melt at room temperature providing a clean, silky textural experience with zero of the “waxy” mouth feel found in common wagyu raised in other regions, kyushu in particular. A slight hint of olive flavor is present but the star of the show is the lineage of this herd which comes through on the palate in a restrained and satisfying way. This is wagyu for grown-ups.

Ranch Reserve Caviar: Robust individual pearls, golden hues indicating a nutty creamy flavor, delicately offset with a hint of salinity.


About Our Ranch Reserve Caviar: A deeply complex caviar, reflective of its harvest at peak maturity, yields a layered buttery flavor, balanced by it’s hint of salinity letting all of its natural flavors shine through on the palate. It ends with the slightest of a nutty finish, realized in each individual bead.

About Sanuki Olive Fed Wagyu From Chef Marc: Sanuki Olive finished wagyu is raised on Shodoshima Island in the Kagawa prefecture. Only four animals are harvested at a time. It is one of the only places where olives are grown in Japan and their unique processes produce an amazingly marbled product, high in unsaturated fat and oleic acid. The animals are fed sun-dressed olive pressings that result in high concentrations of unsaturated, healthy fats.

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