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This is the pinnacle of our Membership and you will receive up to 720g (24 ounces) each month.
Our top-tier members naturally enjoy additional Member benefits. Perhaps you would like to host a private Caviar Maker Dinner in your home or for your business? Michael would be happy to  collaborate with you. Need a reservation at a Michelin Starred partner restaurant, tomorrow? Your PASSMORE Concierge will make the call. If you are a caviar aficionado, this program can also be synchronized to your individual preferences, with Michael hand selecting for you.

$1,500.00 / month


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PASSMORE Black Caviar

Caviar is practically synonymous with wealth and extravagance, and for good reason.  This luxurious  roe  is harvested by hand from a  10 year old, farm-raised sturgeon that’s been raised and cared for by a small team of experts including Michael himself. We meticulously introduce our selection of salts and age to each caviar for to the perfect flavor and consistency. Celebrated by Top Chefs and home culinary masters, PASSMORE Caviar is recognized as some of the finest and best tasting caviar in the world.*

Ranch Reserve Caviar

The pinnacle of the craft, this deeply complex caviar, reflective of its harvest at peak maturity, yields a layered buttery flavor, balanced by its hint of salinity letting all of its natural flavors shine through on the palate. It ends with the lightest of a nutty finish, realized in each individual bead.

Passmore Select Caviar

With a texture like the most delicate of water balloons, the burst of flavor washes over your palate.  Lighter in body and darker in color with a hint of emerald hues, this caviar is more forward in salinity and pleasantly viscous in mouth feel.  It finishes cleanly and succinctly.

Circle 41 Caviar

Named in honor of the Passmore Ranch brand, the “Circle 41”.  The brand evolved and harkens to Michael’s grandfather, an inspiration to him in ranching, farming, and fish culture – and was the holder of the original “41” brand.  This caviar is a bit lighter in structure, with a moist consistency and a salinity forward posture.  The perfect caviar to accent dishes, or to dip your favorite chip in and enjoy. An all around, every day caviar.


Revered for its larger and more structured bead, along with its juicy and flavorful bite that bursts onto your palate, our roe has been a favorite since its inception.  Harvesting this roe live allows for a special process which cures and infuses our roe in such a manner that highlights its natural flavors and yolk. Often referred to as caviar, this cured roe is often the star of the show, especially with its bright orange color which is impossible to miss.

Classic Roe

Classics are classic for a reason. Simple, elegant, and delicious – our classic roe is our most versatile cure. Enjoy it with everything from deviled eggs to a clean and classy accoutrement for a cheese or charcuterie board. Subtle salinity, and a bright, clear flavor and bead set the stage for our classic roe to be a showstopper for your next meal.

Smoked Roe

Big, bold, and filled with flavor – if you like a little peat in your Scotch, you’ll love a little smoke in your roe. Through a process of infusion which includes a cold smoke of the roe itself, we impart the iconic taste of the ages. From the days when humans first began cooking over an open fire, to your latest camping trip, you’ll experience a pleasantly pavlovian subconscious joy when piling our smoked roe on our smoked sturgeon for a smoky flavor bomb or enjoying it on a nice roast salmon to add (or enhance) that “cedar plank” taste.

Truffle Roe

Our ‘truffle’ roe takes the delectable essence of one of nature’s finest smelling ingredients to infuse a little luxe attitude in this flavor of our roe. Perfect atop a variety of sumptuous dishes and dips. A recent dinner party saw our truffle roe pairing with a scratch-made French Onion Dip for one of the best combinations to ever happen to an awaiting cracker.

Whisky Roe

Our ‘whisky’ roe was aptly named after the first ‘house’ batch made by our Caviar Shokunin, Michael Passmore, in his home kitchen after a trip to Japan. He had been discussing the infusion of various distilled spirits into his steelhead roe with Chef David Breeden, Chef de Cuisine at the French Laundry when he looked to his Japanese whisky inventory from his trip.  Michael was pleased that the whisky’s flavors and notes came through in the caviar. The rest is history and results in a varying, but delightful steelhead roe, cured in sea salt and the whisky of Michael’s choice with flavor bursting from the exciting burst of each egg.

Birdie G’s Roe

A special partnership with 2020 James Beard Award Nominee Chef Jeremy Fox of Birdie G’s in Los Angeles, was the foundation for us curing up our roe with a special blend of herbs and spices. The resultant concoction is a sumptuous roe cure that may remind you of pastrami, everything bagels, or rye bread. It would be right at home atop any of those things but is also one of the best of our cures to eat in a very simple way such as the mini-caviar cones we often prepare for events, or just right on a potato chip or water cracker.


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