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Sturgeon Caviar

Maker's Private Reserve

Produced here at the ranch, this is the epitome of Michael Passmore’s work in caviar each season.  Each tin a single batch caviar, from a single fish and its roe harvested at the exact moment of maturity, providing an optimal base of protein and fat for curing, indicated by a nuttiness when tasted raw.  To cure this caviar, we utilize Jacobsen Salt Co. pure sea salt to amplify the rich and complex flavors this caviar is known for, then allow it to age.  When finished, a sublime pop from a structure that is neither too rigid, nor light, the pearls burst easily against across your palate with a rich, almost creamy and savory flavor enhanced by a malossol salinity. Always seasonal, and in high demand, this caviar is available only during limited times.

  • Acipenser transmontanus (White sturgeon)
  • Responsibly & Sustainably Farmed  in California
  • Cured & Packed in Sloughhouse, California

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What does this caviar taste like?

Tasting notes

Robust individual pearls that burst easily, golden hues indicating a nutty creamy flavor that is rich and delicately offset with a hint of salinity.

I am always happy when our work results in a caviar that merits my Private Reserve label, it is exceptionally special indeed.  Don’t miss this one if you are a caviar enthusiast!”



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