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Sturgeon Caviar


Reminiscent of the most delicate of water balloons, a go-to caviar that goes with everything. A delicate texture, the burst of flavor washes over your palate. Lighter in body and darker in color with a hint of emerald hues, this caviar is also more forward in salinity and pleasantly viscous in mouth feel. It finishes cleanly and succinctly leaving you always wanting more.

  • Acipenser gueldenstaedtii x Acipenser baerii (Russian sturgeon x Siberian sturgeon)
  • Responsibly & Sustainably Farmed in China
  • Refined and Hand Packed in Sloughhouse, California

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What does this caviar taste like?

Tasting notes

Firm but gently popping, buttery and briny flavor that exits cleanly from your palate.

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