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We have partnered with Northern California native Chef Kevin O’Connor for an exclusive, very limited package including a signed copy of his new memoir, journal, and cookbook Chasing Harvest before it hits bookstores! Chef O’Connor holds a special place in our culinary history being one of our early chef customers when Michael and Vandy Passmore were selling their live fish at the Sacramento Farmer’s Market. Kevin would swing by our booth for a sturgeon, put it in his backpack, and head home to his kitchen to prepare it for his Tree House dinners, what great times! This offering also includes the primary ingredients needed to make our favorite recipe in it: “Sour Cream and Onion” Sturgeon Salad.

Package Includes a signed copy of Chasing Harvest, a 50g tin of Circle41 Caviar, an “eight-ball” of Chef Kevin’s red onion powder, and two pounds of skin-off Sturgeon Filet.


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We feel like we are on a journey with Chef Kevin all over again. This one is going on the shelf with the cookbooks we actually use!


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