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Caviar Service Package

Up until now, there hasn’t been a great way to serve caviar. Everything out there requires ice, which is far too cold for caviar, can get messy, and is honestly a little boring. At long last, we have created our very own purposely designed caviar chiller and display. After exhaustive research and development together with my friend and craftsman, Ken Montes, we produced an elegantly simple chilled dish. Pull it out of the freezer when you’re ready and place your caviar tin in the center.

Your caviar is protected at the perfect serving temperature for over an hour, while showcasing the tin’s lid! There are two little holes on either size designed to hold sparklers when you want to show off.  This custom piece holds 30g, 50g, and 125g caviar tins!

This package includes: One 125g tin Reserve Caviar, our custom caviar service piece, and a mother of pearl spoon. Only ten packages available.


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I have been trying different serving methods for years to regulate our caviar’s temperature, and I finally figured out that I just needed to create my own service piece.”



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