Originally from southern California, PASSMORE Culinary Director Jordan Davis brings over 25 years of experience from a number of the most innovative and esteemed kitchens in North America.

He has worked under a roster of James Beard-recognized personalities, such as Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie's Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, as well as a six-year stint at James Beard Winner for Outstanding Restaurant Boulevard in San Francisco. He also worked with the San Diego Top Chef alum Brian Malarkey, launching five distinct business campus eatery concepts in San Diego and Orange counties.

Davis was also at the helm as Executive Chef and Managing Partner for Tracy Borkum's seafood-inspired kitchen Fish Public, also spent two years overseeing the gourmet market and catering program for Selland’s Market in El Dorado Hills.

Chef Jordan brings a depth of professional experience in culinary arts to our kitchens - he'll be your "virtual private chef"; a guide on your culinary journey for all things PASSMORE. We're already ~cooking~ up some exciting dining events, exclusive content, new recipes for our Circle41 Members, and professional culinary tips for all.

Welcome, Chef - let’s do this! •

A tête-à-tête with Chef

Q & A

What do you hope to bring to this new role?

I hope that my culinary knowledge and knowledge of the market and food trends will be a huge asset to the company and our clients. Being able to connect and collaborate with others about the possibilities that food has in creating memorable experiences and bringing people together in a shared experience is incredible.

What is it about food that you love?

I love that food is never static. It is always evolving and changing either through seasons or creativity, and there is never just one right answer with food. Food gives everyone a voice, and no one's ideas are wrong.

What is your favorite thing to make for others, and what’s your favorite thing to make for yourself?

I love grilling and outdoor cooking. I have a Caja China (a type of Cuban portable roaster) and have roasted many pigs for events and parties that have been a blast, as well as open grill cooking that I do on a regular basis for friends and family. I’d say that herbs, acid, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the keys to delicious foods. Freshness is always at the front of my mind when I am creating food for myself and for friends.

Your most memorable meal ever was:

I have eaten so much food in my days, and every time I think I nailed down my favorite meal, I remember another fantastic one that I ate. I’d say a couple of the best experiences have been at my house or at other chef friends' homes - we tend to eat pretty well and collaborate on the menu!

A couple of my favorite restaurants will always be Publican in Chicago and Kokkari in San Francisco.  I spent many years working under Chef Nancy Oakes at Boulevard in San Francisco, so this place will always hold a special place in my heart. ▪️