Passmore Professional

For more nearly 20 years, PASSMORE has been a valued partner with America’s top chefs, restauranteurs, and hospitality entrepreneurs. It’s the brand people know because of its delicious taste, premium quality, consistent delivery, and reputation.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Passmore;


If you’re in need a reliable seafood supplier that can consistently deliver on quality, value, and price, then Passmore is the partner you can trust. We take great pride in the products we make here at Passmore Ranch, the items we source, and the commitment to the service that we have built our reputation on.




We supply only the highest quality caviar, roe, and fresh seafood that stand out above the rest. When you partner with Passmore, you are getting the highest possible quality and value, every time.




For nearly twenty years, PASSMORE has been consistently delivering premium-grade products correctly to industry professionals and chefs. We deliver only the finest quality products every time, it’s our promise and commitment to you.  



Have an idea for a product collaboration or need white-label caviar showcasing your own brand? Passmore is here to help. We collaborate with professional chefs and leaders of industry to create signature creations that instantly become high-margin features on any menu. We can help you to create your very own custom flavor profile, or go with a fan-favorite for your very own private label.


Access to the finest products

24/7 support through your very own PASSMORE Professional website.

Personalized consultation, including complementary training on how to sell and serve caviar.

Exclusive perks and rewards for Professional customer ONLY.

Professional content, news, and happenings delivered to your inbox.

100% product satisfaction guarantee.


How It Works:

First, click "INQUIRE HERE" below and complete the application form to establish access to the PASSMORE Professional website. Then, login anytime to order products, check delivery status and view account history. We are here to serve you, it is what we do!